Maker Faire Bay Area photo album


Long overdue update

I have not been managing this nearly as much as I should, so here' a quick bullet-point update on my projects at the conclusion of Maker Faire 2014:


  • New job, new home! I moved to downtown San Francisco to accept a job there. My apartment is much smaller (naturally - it's SF) so I don't have as much space for both robotics and 3D printing. I do have enough space to switch between the two.
  • The Printrbot Plus v2 is fun, but it's getting an overhaul in parts - more metal for structural stability and more rigidity for speed, plus a transition from 3mm to 1.75mm filament and an aluminum extruder.
  • Someone left behind a Botiful robot when changing offices. I contacted Claire, the designer, to see if anyone lost their Kickstarter rewards but she had no way of knowing. With her help, I got it working again and it's a lot of fun.
  • I am giving up on drones as a hobby as long as I live in SF. It's too windy and crowded and I don't want to hurt the drone or a person.
  • My favorite update: I backed and received Super Awesome Sylvia and EMSL's WaterColorBot and have truly wicked plans for expanding on the hardware. I have to thank Lenore and Windell from Evil Mad Scientist Labs for the inspiration and support.

That's all for now. 



New project: Printrbot Plus v2

There are three levels of education on this one: Construction, calibration/printing, and 3D modeling. I will enjoy learning.


Back from Maker Faire Bay Area 2013

Here are a bunch of photos. I don't know why SquareSpace doesn't obey the picture orientation when uploaded, so you may have to turn your head or monitor. Enjoy!


Update to the Raspberry Pi retro phone

It now has Bluetooth, a 4.3" LCD and the headset is USB charged Bluetooth.